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The Apple Watch for dogs: get to know this smart collar

Keeping an eye on your pets has been possible for years through so-called Pet Trackers. However, during CES 2022, Invoxia takes it to the next level. This is simply an Apple Watch, but for your dog.

The company’s new collar doesn’t just tell you exactly where your dog is. It also keeps a close eye on your faithful friend.

Apple Watch for your dog

The Apple Watch is immensely popular, and don’t blame people. The smart watch not only shows your notifications, but also keeps an eye on your activities and is able to share your location easily. Of course, the first one is of little use to a dog, but the last two are very useful. At least, not for the dog itself of course, but purely for its owner. Something Invoxia agrees with, because the company is showing a very special collar at CES 2022.

Invoxia can really offer consumers a lot with the collar. At least, that’s how the company brings it to you, of course. It is not only possible to watch the heartbeat of your dog to keep an eye on him. You can also see where the animal is exactly, so you can find him back anytime, anywhere. In addition, the collar also monitors if your dog walks, runs, scratches, eats, drinks, sleeps or even barks. So you know exactly what is going on.

Apple Watch dogsAlways and everywhere informed (Image: Invoxia)

The beauty of the collar is that it doesn’t have to be too tight around the dog’s neck. Of course, that’s currently the case with smartwatches like the Apple Watch for humans. It doesn’t matter how thick your dog’s fur is: Invoxia’s collar can measure it just fine.

Invoxia targets summer 2022

Invoxia does know that there is a catch. The company is aiming for a launch in the summer of 2022 and unfortunately won’t be able to provide every type of dog. This is mainly due to the fact that the technology is quite difficult to implement in a collar. Therefore, this year there will only be a variant for dogs of medium size.

The Apple Watch for dogs is a lot cheaper than the variant for humans, by the way. The collar itself costs $99, but that doesn’t include access to all the GPS functionality, unfortunately. These can be purchased for $12.99 per month. What the European prices will be for the collar, and if it will be released at all, is not yet clear.