The apps that are almost indispensable on your smart TV

The apps that are almost indispensable on your smart TV

The smart TV is incredibly popular, which means there are also more and more useful apps available. These are our favorites.

Smart TVs have improved tremendously in recent years. Both in terms of picture quality and the software they use. In fact, the first wireless television is already in the works. The “smart” features and apps have become hard to imagine our daily lives without.

It may sound strange, but you can make your smart TV even better by installing some apps. That way, you can enjoy even more of what smart televisions have to offer.

Your smart TV gets even better thanks to these apps

Here are the best apps for smart TVs. Trust us: once you install them, you won’t want to live without them. Here they come.

#1 BrowseHere: browsing the Internet with a smart TV

A smart TV is basically a giant computer. Although it’s not as powerful as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can still do some internet browsing on it. Most smart TVs have Bluetooth, so you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard and have a big screen to surf on.

Want to do this? Then install the BrowseHere app. This is a browser specifically for smart TVs. You can use the app with your TV’s remote control, but for added convenience, we recommend a good wireless mouse and keyboard.

BrowseHereBrowsing on BrowseHere (Image: BrowseHere)

#2 Google Meet: Zoom is nothing like it

Nothing is more fun than meeting your family and friends in real life, but that’s not always possible. Maybe your loved one is sick, or lives abroad. A video call on your smart TV via Google Meet is the most fun in such cases. The larger screen makes it much cozier than the small screen of your phone or tablet.

For this you do need a smart TV with a microphone and camera. If your device doesn’t have that, you can connect a USB webcam and then use Google Meet to call your family and friends.

Google Meet on a Smart TVMeasuring with Google Measure (Image: Google)

#3 Speedtest from Ookla: check your smart TV’s Internet connection

Almost everything your smart TV can do depends on a stable Internet connection. Whether you’re streaming movies, downloading new apps or checking software updates. Without a network connection, you won’t get very far.

There are many apps that let you test Internet speed on smart TVs. Our favorite is Speedtest from Ookla, which measures everything: download and upload speeds, network strength and more. It has a user-friendly interface that is very clear.

#4 Tubi: free movie and series streaming

There are so many streaming services these days that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Many of these platforms have both free and paid subscriptions. But it can become an expensive joke if you have many subscriptions at once.

If you enjoy watching TV shows and movies and want to reduce your digital footprint, Tubi is a good option. Tubi is a streaming service for movies and TV shows that can be accessed for free. The platform offers a wide range of content, ranging from movies to TV series, and is supported by ads. Note, however, that you need a VPN connection for it.

Tubi: a chill app for on your Smart TVYou can watch these titles for free (Image: TubiTV)

#5 Spotify or YouTube Music: for extra ambience in the living room

Bluetooth speakers are great for parties, but did you know you can install Spotify or YouTube Music directly on your smart TV? That way you can just turn on your TV and play music right away, without your phone doing the work.

By using your smart TV to play music, you can also bring a little more atmosphere into your home. Even if you’re alone. For example, listen to some music while you are cooking or when you have to study for an important exam.

This new AI feature from Apple Music is really perfectAm I hearing that right? (Image: Netflix)

If you buy a big smart TV to enjoy your games, you may not have a gaming console. Especially if you switched from console to PC gaming or have always had a gaming PC. Of course, you can put your gaming desktop or laptop in the living room, but that’s not always the most convenient place.

So if you prefer to play your games on a big screen without moving your gaming PC, install Steam Link on your television. Although Steam Link is best known for smartphones, you can also use it on a smart TV. Just be sure to connect a Bluetooth controller.

Steam Link lets you enjoy gaming on your Smart TV without spending hundreds of dollars on a console.

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