1716995604 The best gadgets that make your old television smarter than

The best gadgets that make your old television smarter than a smart TV

These days, almost every television you buy is a smart TV. Fortunately, if you have an old television, there are gadgets that make it considerably smarter.

A television is quite an investment and so you don’t buy a new one every year. So you may still have an older model that doesn’t have the same features as a smart TV.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a new one right away to make your television smart. In fact, there are a number of gadgets on the market that will make your television much smarter than many a new smart TV.

These gadgets will make your old TV smarter than a smart TV

But which gadgets really make your television much better? We take you through them.

Google Chromecast 4K

The Chromecast is perhaps the best-known gadget in this category. Not only do you easily install all your favorite apps on it, it also allows you to watch your movies and series in top quality. The little device supports Dolby Vision.

In addition, all Google services are also present on the device, making your television truly a smart TV. For example, you can very easily use Google Assistant for a new search. In fact, there is a special button for it on your remote control. Also, the device also just works with the iPhone, should you have any doubts about that.

The convenient thing is that you very easily link your Google account to the device. As a result, the YouTube offerings are also immediately tailored to your preferences. The same goes for what you like to watch on streaming services. It gives good advice outside of Netflix and Disney+ apps. You already see those recommendations on the home screen, so you don’t have to search those apps first. You have the Chromecast in your home for $57.99.

The best gadgets that turn your old television into a smart TVWith a Chromecast, you bring Google TV to your regular television. (Image: Google)

Apple TV 4K

If you are into the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV may be the best choice for you to make your regular or smart TV much smarter. On the inside is the A15 chip making the box lightning fast. With Siri and the remote you control all your apps.

The Apple TV makes it easy to pair your iPhone with your television. So you can play your Apple Arcade games on the television, easily install your favorite streaming services and other apps, and see your images back in 4K. Plus, it has a special Color Balance feature, which allows the device to calibrate images from the box to your TV just fine.

One drawback: the Apple TV is more expensive than other devices that do roughly the same thing. It costs 169 euros.

The best gadgets that turn your old television into a smart TVThe Apple TV. (Image: Brandon Romanchuk / Unsplash)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Amazon also has its own gadget to turn your TV into a smart TV: the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. This, of course, works with Amazon’s own assistant Alexa. So in addition to your television, you also control other smart devices that you have linked to Alexa. The advantage of the Fire TV Stick is that it is lightning fast because it supports Wi-Fi 6.

Like the previous devices, the Fire TV Stick supports 4K and also has Dolby Vision and Atmos support. So your movies and series will look top notch.

The big advantage is that the device is also cheaper than previous models, as it costs 49.99 euros.

The best gadgets that turn your old television into a smart TV (Image: Amazon)

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