The cheaper alternative to Philips Hue from the same maker

The cheaper alternative to Philips Hue from the same maker

When you think of smart lighting, you probably immediately think of Philips Hue. Logical, because they are, of course, top-quality products. Yet parent company Signify makes more than just the Hue bulbs. It also has a cheaper alternative like WiZ.

Smart lighting is impossible to imagine living rooms without. You use Philips Hue to create extra atmosphere. That’s nice and all, but in the summer you often sit outside. Then, of course, it’s not much use. Fortunately, you can also light up your garden outside in a special way. Call it your second living room.

A cheaper Philips Hue alternative thanks to WiZ

For outdoors, of course, there are smart bulbs. You can choose Philips Hue, of course, but there is also a cheaper alternative. The special thing is that it comes from the same company behind Hue: Signify. This line sells it under the name WiZ.

WiZ makes not only lamps for indoors, but also smart lighting for outdoors. Two new ones are coming out soon. We tell you exactly what to expect from this cheaper alternative.

WiZ Philips HueA light is on. (Image: Signify)

WiZ ELPAS Wall Lamp

Want to turn that ugly wall or fence outside into something beautiful? Then the WiZ ELPAS might be the ideal oplass if you don’t want Philips Hue. This one is made of weather-resistant materials. This means that rain and sunlight will therefore have no impact at all.

With this 230V lamp, you can choose from 16 million colors. So outdoors will bloom completely. You have this lamp for 89.99 euros.

Philips hue SignifyThe spotlights. (Image: Signify)

Atmospheric ground spots

Do you like that wall? Then you can also choose from WiZ’s new ground spotlights. These can be rotated up to 180 degrees. These are available separately for 74.99 euros, but the easiest way is to start with the starter kit. This costs 174.99 euros and with it you get not only two spots but also an adapter and controller.

A word of warning should be given about WiZ, though. This is because, unlike Philips Hue, they are not compatible with Apple’s Home app. If you still want to control the lights via your iPhone or iPad, you need to install the special WiZ app to do so.

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