The conspicuous area where Instagram plans to show advertising soon

The conspicuous area where Instagram plans to show advertising soon

Meta announced that Instagram will soon start showing more ads within the app. Those ads will appear in places where they didn’t before. All the while, the platform is already facing more than enough criticism. One might then wonder if this is a helpful move by the company….

The additional ads will soon appear within the Discover tab, as well as on your personal profile page. Previously, ads appeared between posts you view within the window you use to discover new content. But now those ads will also just appear directly on the page, without having to scroll first.

Instagram shows more ads

Perhaps you can live with that. But the company also confirms that this means the advertising is coming to your profile page. Previously, these pages did not contain advertising at all, unless a user provided it themselves. You can, of course, advertise something yourself, through your posts, if that was the intention.

Instagram new featureInstagram on black? (Image: Unsplash / Claudio Schwarz)

But a standard component within the app that displays ads, that wasn’t there yet. But so now Instagram wants to test globally what the effect of showing ads on someone’s profile page is. You’ll encounter different promotions when you open a post and start scrolling down.

Advertising on your profile

While scrolling, you will now encounter advertising between posts. This doesn’t happen literally between every post, but every now and then. But even then, this can be very annoying when you just want to check out your friends’ photos. If only there was a way to view Instagram ad-free….

It’s not all doom and gloom, for the content creators then. Because they can earn an extra penny from those ads. For now, this only applies to a handful of creators in the United States. If you are still using the app, keep in mind that you will see more advertising.

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