The delicious Netflix feature that the cheaper subscription doesnt offer

The delicious Netflix feature that the cheaper subscription doesn’t offer

It’s now clear that Netflix could soon become a lot cheaper for you. By using ads, the streaming service is in a position to significantly reduce its monthly costs. Though you’ll be paying two prices for that.

In addition to the fact that the streaming service is full of advertising with such a subscription, you also don’t get access to a delicious feature. Still planning to switch?

Netflix abandons delicious functionality

There will be a cheaper subscription for Netflix. Very nice of course, because then you can watch this flopped movie for less money, just like the rest of the Dutch. Although this kind of action usually means that you have to compromise on certain things. With regard to the newer, cheaper, subscription of Netflix, little was known about this. Until now.

The American website Bloomberg, a usually well-informed source, informs us that Netflix will indeed limit consumers. As soon as you go for this cheaper subscription, you will no longer have access to offline downloads. Downloading movies and series so that you can watch them without an Internet connection is no longer possible for these users.

Stranger Things Netflix“Stop me!” (Image: Netflix)

Pretty sour, because it’s a functionality that’s surprisingly convenient. For WANT, I regularly fly around the world, so I often find myself sitting with my behind in a seat that’s far too cramped. The in-flight entertainment system is ideal, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Downloading a movie or series on Netflix, and watching it with a good screen and headphones, is always a pleasant alternative. Although this is of course also a nice feature for people with a limited internet bundle.

Sorry, ads?

In case you missed the news recently, I understand that the question marks are hanging over your head. Therefore, a little summary:

At the beginning of this year, for the first time in a decade, Netflix saw its subscriber base drop significantly. Therefore, the company decided that action was needed and announced a cheaper subscription. For a small percentage of the regular price, consumers are able to watch movies and series. The only drawback is that while watching the content you are “bothered” by commercials. Just like on television, in other words.

A fin. If you are hesitant about purchasing a Netflix subscription with ads, keep in mind that you are signing up for more than just ads. Think carefully about the value offline downloads have for you before you sign up for the subscription.

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