The essential gadgets that make your home a Smart Home

The essential gadgets that make your home a Smart Home

You can’t have a Smart Home without good gadgets. We’ve picked out the best options for you.

You recognize a good gadget for your Smart Home right away. The best devices communicate with each other and work together to make your home more comfortable, safe and convenient. These days, for example, you can make your own heating smart.

Over the years, more and more new products are added for your Smart Home. But not all smart devices are as reliable or smart as they claim to be. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gadgets you can build on. They really do make your smart home a lot better.

Your Smart Home really comes alive with these handy gadgets

Your Smart Home gets a big upgrade with the help of the right gadgets. Here come our favorites.

#1 Amazon Echo Dot: a simple hub for the beginner

A Smart Home always starts with a good hub, the heart of your smart home that connects all your devices and makes them work together. Many quality hubs are expensive, but the Echo Dot offers an affordable and smart solution.

This gadget is more than just a digital clock. In fact, it is full of useful features. You can set up Alexa routines and it shows the time, temperature and song titles. The Echo Dot is a simple but very smart assistant for the home.

Amazon Echo DotAmazon Echo Dot. (Image: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

#2 Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10: add extra atmosphere with this gadget

Now that you’ve scored a handy hub, we can move on to the fun part: buying smart devices. We’ll start with lighting, and you probably already know that Philips Hue is the king of smart bulbs.

Our favorite from Philips Hue is the GU10. The bulb features different shades that allow you to change the mood of your home. Whether you want to relax with warm light or concentrate with a brighter color. You can control these bulbs via Bluetooth, as well as over the Internet using a Hue Bridge. With a Bridge, you can even control the gadget outdoors and set up routines.

Philips HueLamps (Image: Signify)

#3 Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: feel safe in your Smart Home

Smart door locks are a convenient solution for your Smart Home. They secure your Smart Home in a digital way, allowing you to control them remotely. In many cases, you can even set up routines so that the lock locks at set times.

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is a good option to try out. The gadget mounts to the inside of your door in just a few minutes, invisible from the outside. A special app allows you to control the door via your smartphone. For example, you have the option to grant access rights and set routines.

The lock works with the Nuki app and Nuki Web, and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: the ideal gadget for in your Smart HomeTime to leave (Image: Nuki)

#4 Ring wired: the gadget that lets you see who’s at your door

A smart doorbell makes you feel a lot safer in your Smart Home. After all, you can see who is at your door anytime, anywhere, and you can communicate with the visitor remotely.

The Wired is one of Ring’s cheapest models. It offers you enormous convenience at a soft price. You can connect the gadget to your existing doorbell wiring. Then it provides 1080p video, live view and two-way voice.

Ring wired: the handy gadget for a smart homeSwing it (Image: Ring)

#5 Google Nest Hub: control your Smart Home at one convenient base

Overall, the Google Nest Hub is one of the best hubs for your Smart Home. The device has a large HD touchscreen where you can view apps like YouTube, Hulu and Disney Plus. And it even has a camera for video calls and monitoring.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The gadget works with lots of other smart home devices, such as August and D-Link. You can integrate them all into your daily Google Home routines. You can also use Nest Hub to search the Internet, check traffic information, send messages and much more.

Google Nest HubGoogle Nest Hub (Image: Google)

#6 Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart Plug: the essential plug in your smart home

Smart plugs are widely used in a Smart Home. You can use them for any device. The gadget allows you to remotely control lamps, fans, coffee makers and more. They are perfect for shaping daily routines.

Belkin’s Wemo WiFi Smart Plug is a delightful option to try out. It is more compact than many other options, so you can easily place it anywhere. The gadget also has a physical switch, so you can turn your device on or off without using your voice or an app. It also has a smart Absent Mode, which allows you to turn on a lamp to pretend you’re home.

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