The Google trick that always makes your search a hit

The Google trick that always makes your search a hit

When you use quotation marks for your search within the Google search engine, you get much more targeted results. A lot of people may already know that. However, the feature doesn’t always work perfectly, which is why the company is now announcing that the search experience is improving.

In a recently published blog post, the search engine giant reveals exactly how search within quotes is getting better. Previously, when you searched for something in this way, you were presented with a page description. This description did not always contain the correct or most clear information.

Google search engine now works a little better

Thanks to the update, this is fortunately going to change. The search engine now shows exactly where the text you are looking for is located. It does this by printing that specific sentence in bold. Sounds very convenient, but Google had a good reason for not doing this in the past, according to software engineer Yonghao Jin.

Google search engineThe new Google search engine (Image: Google)

Indeed, sometimes the specific search query appears in an awkward place, so such snippets don’t quite come into their own. “For example, a word or phrase might be in a menu that sends you to other parts of a page. Creating such a description around that often doesn’t produce useful material.”

Leave it to the user

So now Google is coming back to that. The company received feedback on this from the community and decided that it would be better to show exactly where that text is. This gives users more context about the position of the search result, allowing them to decide for themselves whether it is useful or not.

Jin reveals that searches within quotes are still not perfect. And it can happen that you get to see a result that doesn’t help you yet. This can happen when certain text is in the meta description of a page, for example; a site section that was created specifically for search engines. It can also happen that the search engine shows an old version of a page.

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