The hidden iPhone games you play together for free with

The hidden iPhone games you play together (for free) with your friends

Let’s face it: we really don’t use our iPhones just to make phone calls and send and receive phone calls. Of course, every now and then we also want to play a fun game to pass the time. Did you know that there are hidden games on your iPhone that you can play with your friends?

With your iPhone you can do whatever you want. There is an app for almost everything. There are also many games in the App Store, and for the real enthusiast, there is Apple Arcade. Still, there are games you’ve probably never heard of. And the great thing is … these have been on iPhone all along.

The hidden games on your iPhone

But where exactly are these games on your iPhone? You wouldn’t expect it, but they can be found simply in Messages. This makes it very easy to play them with your friends and family.

To play them, make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed. You can find this under General > Software Update. Have you done that? Then you’re good to go.

Next, open messages on your iPhone, you know, that app you use for iMessage. Next, open a chat with someone. Above your keyboard, you’ll find a bar with all sorts of icons through which you can swipe.

Messages app on macOS and iOSMessages app on macOS and iOS (click/tap for larger). Image: Apple Inc.

Just in Messages

One of those icons in Messages is from the App Store. If you click on that, it will take you to apps specifically for iMessage. One of those apps you can download is GamePidgeon. Installing it will give you access to a huge number of games for Messages.

The best part is that you can also just play these together with your friends. However, they must also have the same app installed on their iPhone. By the way, these are just free.

Different games

The games you can play through GamePidgeon are quite different. For example, you can play mini-golf, do four in a row, or do 20 Questions on your iPhone, among others.

Of course, there are many more functions for your iPhone via the special menu. For example, you can use stickers from certain apps or send along the latest movie information via the IMDb app.

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