The ideal turntable for your Sonos is now even more affordable

Sonos is one of the finest sound systems you can have in your home. It has good quality and all the products work flawlessly with each other. However, a turntable could still be a problem. Now there is a cheaper option.

Sonos, of course, is really high tech music experience. You stream music to whatever device and box you want. Something where you don’t really think of a turntable playing LPs. Yet even the two can work together just fine thanks to Victrola.

Play records through your Sonos devices thanks to Victrola

Victrola, of course, is not entirely new. Last year, it introduced the Stream Carbon. It was the first turntable you could connect to your Sonos equipment. Still, there was one huge drawback: the price. For this beautiful little machine, you had to put down $799 anyway.

Fortunately, it can be cheaper now. Victrola presented a new model at CES 2023 that is more affordable. Meet the Victrola Stream Onyx.

Instant connect to your Sonos. (Image: Victrola)

This is the Stream Onyx record player

That the Stream Onyx is cheaper is for a reason. Namely, it has just slightly cheaper components than its big brother. For example, the arm of the turntable is aluminum instead of the more luxurious carbon-fiber. You won’t notice any of that at all on your Sonos speakers.

Victrola has made some other concessions. For example, the Onyx has an Audio-Technica or Ortofon OM 5E moving magnet cardrigde, instead of the more expensive Ortofon 2M Red. However, the turntable still connects just as easily to your Sonos.

Other than that, there are hardly any differences between the Victrola Stream Onyx and Stream Carbon. There is also just the centralized volume control that lets you adjust the output on your Sonos devices.

Plate spinning. (Image: Victrola)

This is how much the Victrola Stream Onyx costs

OK, you know the Victrola Stream Onyx is cheaper, but how much exactly? Well that’s $200, because this device will cost you $599. Of course, it’s still quite a bag of money, but at least it’s cheaper than its predecessor.

Starting next month, it will be sold in the United States. A release date for Europe is unfortunately not yet known, but the company says it will be later in 2023. So if you want it before then you will have to score it through other channels.

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