The iPhone accessory that makes your partners snoring a thing

The iPhone accessory that will make your partner’s snoring a thing of the past

Your iPhone already has many useful features on its own, but sometimes it just needs a little help. That help this time comes in the form of a handy accessory that will finally make your partner’s snoring a thing of the past. Or your own, of course.

A good night’s sleep is important; so is a good relationship. There’s probably nothing you can do about it, but snoring can be a sticking point for both. Fortunately, in the form of the The Snore Cycle YA4200, there’s something pretty easy to do about it. Party!

iPhone accessory puts an end to snoring

Those who suffer from a snoring partner might want to try The Snore Cycle YA4200. This handy device works seamlessly with your iPhone and has a unique way to stop the irritating sound. Namely, it causes the muscles in your chin to be stimulated.


Why do people snore?

Air passes through your windpipe, nose and throat to your lungs during breathing. The moment you sleep, those airways relax, there is less room for the air and it passes through more quickly. That’s where the snoring sound comes from

By using the EMA+TENS technology, The Snore Cycle YA4200 is able to achieve its goal. The user receives very small insensitive shocks, which can stimulate those muscles. Of course, some people need this more than others, so the gadget comes with an accompanying iPhone app. This way, you not only see what happened during the night, but you can also determine the intensity of the shocks.

Snoring iPhone gadgetOn your chin (Image: Snore Cycle)

The Snore Cycle YA4200

The Snore Cycle YA4200 is a gadget that you stick on your chin and thus control completely with your iPhone. It will no doubt feel a little crazy at first, but maybe this is the solution for you. Those who want to try it can purchase it through the official website for the amount of $119. The gadget is then delivered free of charge within 14 and 20 working days in the Netherlands. Do you want it delivered between 7 and 10 days? Then you have to pay an additional $39.99.

The prices on the website are listed entirely in dollars. For the product itself you will pay converted € and for fast delivery you tap €.

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