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The Quick Hap | GTA 6 hacker gets life in prison and end of hyperloop

GTA 6 hacker gets life sentence and Netflix comes out with special experience for Squid Game fans. This is The Quick Hap from Friday, Dec. 23, 2023.

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Today we tell you about the GTA 6 hacker who gets life in prison and American owners of a broken Apple Watch are in deep trouble.

Netflix comes out with special Squid Game game

Netflix is taking full advantage of the craziness surrounding Squid Game. After the original series, the game show is also a success. It doesn’t stop there, as it has teamed up with Samsung to create a Squid Game game.

In Los Angeles, the streaming service has opened a special pop-up experience. Here, fans can pay to play games from the series, sample Korean snacks and even buy clothes from the series.

A ticket to this experience is not cheap; you will have to pay $39 for it. This is how you play the glass bridge and have to conquer marbles. Fortunately, you don’t die. If you lose, only a special bracelet vibrates. Winners will have a chance to participate in Squid Game’s game show.
Squid Game NetflixSquid Game and Wednesday are fine as games.

Apple keeps its word and will no longer sell Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2

It was big news when it was announced that Apple had to stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the United States. The reason: a lawsuit over several Masimo patents that Apple allegedly used without permission to measure blood oxygen.

Yet that ban may have more unpleasant consequences than just lost revenue for Apple. For example, in the United States, it is no longer possible to have your Apple Watch repaired if it is out of warranty, Bloomberg reports. This applies to the Apple Watch Series 6 and newer. This excludes the SE.

So customers in the United States will have to wait until Apple is allowed to sell the Apple Watch again. That is likely if the courts rule in Apple’s favor or if both companies reach an agreement.
Everything you want to know about the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2The Series 9

The end of Hyperloop One is now official

2023 will be the year we say goodbye to the Hyperloop One. It was supposed to be the new way to travel. But it has become a one-way ticket to the eternal hunting grounds for the vehicle.

The Hyperloop One was a kind of superfast subway. In special vacuum tubes, special trains had to take passengers from one place to another at lightning speed.

Hyperloop One was owned by Richard Branson and put hundreds of millions of dollars into its development. Critics called it a utopia that the technology would work, and are now being proven right.

GTA 6 hacker sentenced to life in psychiatric hospital

The gaming world was turned upside down when all sorts of details leaked out about GTA 6. These were hurled into the world by hacking group Lapsus$. An 18-year-old Briton who was part of it has now been sentenced to life in a mental hospital unless doctors no longer see any danger in him.

According to the judge, the boy at issue is a great danger to society. During his imprisonment, the hacker allegedly destroyed dozens of objects and caused injuries, BBC reports.

The boy could not stand trial because, according to doctors, he suffered from acute autism. In interrogations, however, he said he wanted to hack again as soon as he was released. Moreover, he was already on probation for hacking companies Nvidia and BT/EE.

Android 15 may get this iPhone feature

Hidden in one of the latest beta versions of Android 14 is a secret battery page. This shows the condition of the battery in your phone. A feature you may be familiar with from the iPhone.

In Android 14 it is already possible to see information about the condition of your battery, but it is not yet as advanced as in the iPhone. In the new beta, the information is even more accurate.

Still, we don’t seem to have to wait until Android 15 until we finally find this battery menu on the phone.

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