These alternatives to Photoshop do pay

These alternatives to Photoshop do pay

Editing photos can become quite an expensive hobby if you subscribe to Adobe Photoshop. That’s why these affordable alternatives are ideal.

Up front: Photoshop is second to none when it comes to photo editing. The tools you get are extremely comprehensive and there is little that can’t be done. However, you pay a hefty sum for that: a subscription will cost you about €24.19 per month.

Adobe Photoshop alternatives don’t have to cost a fortune

So should you not need to use all the tools Photoshop offers, there are excellent other options. We briefly list the best options.

#1 Affinity Photo

If you have ever used Adobe Photoshop, then Affinity Photo will seem very familiar. It is an extremely popular program and that has the advantage that there are countless tutorials online.

In addition to a Mac and PC version, there are also versions for iPad and Microsoft Surface devices. The advantage is that you can start your project on one device and continue working on another.

Affinity costs a one-time $64.99 on PC and Mac and $23.99 on iPad.

Affinity, Adobe PhotoshopLooks familiar if you’re used to Photoshop. (Image: Affinity)

#2 Adobe Fresco instead of Adobe Photoshop

Fresco proves that a Photoshop alternative can also be free. This program focuses mainly on drawing and painting.

It is possible to purchase more brushes and tools, but you have to get a subscription for that.

Adobe FrescoA free version of Adobe. (Image: Adobe)

#3 Procreate

This is a program that focuses on graphics and design and has twice won the Apple Design Award. One of the most touted things about the program is the ability to even customize brushes. This allows you to give your work a completely unique look.

Procreate is extremely affordable and can be found for $11.99 for the iPad.

ProcreateImagine yourself a true Picasso in Procreate. (Image: Procreate)


Despite its somewhat vague name, Gimp is now truly a classic editing tool that still costs nothing. The user interface may be a bit confusing, but the software is still constantly being updated.

Additionally, should you not quite figure out the software, there are numerous help articles on the website.

GIMPAn absolute all-rounder. (Image: Gimp)

#5 Pixlr X

The ideal thing about Pixlr X is that it is not a download but can simply be used online. Another great advantage is that the program has a large selection of templates.

Creating a party invitation or a menu, for example, is a snap thanks to those templates and stock photos.

Pixlr XCropping is a breeze in Pixlr X. (Image: Pixlr X)

#6 Luminar Neo

This is fairly simple software that helps you make your photos more beautiful. For this, you can use sliders and filters. It makes this tool ideal for novice photographers and photo editors as well as those with more experience in photography.

Luminar Neo can be used for €6.58 per month, but should you prefer not to subscribe, the whole package will cost you €119.

Luminar NeoAgain, you can work in layers. (Image: Luminar Neo)

#7 Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Krita is free

Painters and illustrators are going crazy over Krita. The software is free to use and you get a huge toolbox in return.

Like Photoshop, you can work in layers and in addition it also features features such as gradient, shapes and tools for text. Krita can be downloaded here.

KritaMany opportunities for illustrators. (Image: Krita)

#8 Photopea

This is another program that is free and can be used directly online. In addition, the impressive thing about Photopea is that it can handle .PSD files, a standard also used by Photoshop.

Photopea, PhotoshopVery versatile and useful tool for photos. (Image: Photopea)

You won’t go through the roof because of the templates found in the program, but if you are creative enough yourself, a lot is possible with Photopea.

So all in all, there are countless options if you love working with images but find Adobe Photoshop too expensive. Which photo editing program do you use? Let us know in the comments.

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