These delicious Netflix shortcuts will give you the ultimate binge

These delicious Netflix shortcuts will give you the ultimate binge session

Is it time for another hefty binge session on Netflix this weekend? Especially for anyone who watches the streaming service’s content on their laptop, we’ve listed some super handy shortcuts. Grab the popcorn!

In fact, when you use Netflix on your desktop or laptop, you can use a number of key combinations that make binging even more enjoyable. Plus, you can focus on your favorite series without dragging your mouse cursor all over the place.

Netflix: handy shortcuts on your laptop

The shortcuts work in the browser version of Netflix (also on Mac), as well as in the Windows app. Once you know these shortcuts, you won’t want to use Netflix on any other device anytime soon. Chances are your TV will get a little dustier.

Here are the various key combinations that are ideal for all your future binging sessions:

Enter/Space: play/pause
F: show full screen
Esc: close full screen
Left arrow: rewind 10 seconds
Right arrow: rewind 10 seconds further
Up arrow: turn up the volume
Down arrow: turns down the volume
M: turn off the sound
S: skip the intro

NetlfixThe streaming service (Image: Netflix / Edit: WANT)

What’s there to bing?

The Netflix selection is so vast that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Fortunately, there are plenty of gems coming along. It’s also worth keeping an eye on our podcast Freakin’ Nerds, as we regularly drop excellent tips to fill your binge night with!

Should you be looking for a delicious Netflix series for tonight, consider binge-watch-worthy series such as the Addams Family spin-off Wednesday, the German hit 1899, and of course the Dahmer-killer The Watcher (pun intended). Also check out this tip to potentially be among the first to watch Netflix content from January 2023.

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