1717428020 This AI button changes your Windows computer forever

This AI button changes your Windows computer forever

Windows is about to change forever, and it’s because of Copilot+. We dive deeper into that feature and tell you what’s in it for you.

AI is slowly changing the world around us. These days, every smartphone has cool AI features and with ChatGPT and Google Gemini, finding things on the Internet is easier than ever.

Microsoft has its own premium service: Copilot+. It’s going to completely change your entire Windows experience. But why would you want it and what’s really good about the feature? Don’t worry, we’ll go over it all with you.

The Copilot+ PCs that make Windows a completely new experience

There is a new category of Windows computers: Copilot+ PCs. These computers are specifically designed to use AI. That may sound like a pure marketing term, but it really isn’t. There’s much more to it than that.

But first, let’s dive a little deeper into the computers. Special silicon processors were created for that AI application, the Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus. These can perform 40 trillion operations per second, allowing the AI models to work optimally. In addition, that new processor also provides much longer battery life.

Well, for those Copilot+ PCs you’re also going to pay quite a bit, as the entry-level model costs a minimum of $999. These computers are made by Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. The first units will be available starting June 18.

The new Copilot+ PCs are up to twenty times faster, so that offers a lot of advantage for apps. For example, they should run even more naturally on ARM. That means they run more efficiently without excessive power consumption. So you have higher performance and it benefits battery life.

The big advantage of Copilot+ for Windows

And that in turn has big advantages for AI. This more powerful and energy-efficient processor allows you to just run AI programs on the device itself instead of having to connect to the cloud. Not only does it ensure that you don’t always have to be connected to the Internet, the other big advantage is that there is a lot less lag. You are not dependent on a slow or overloaded server.

But that AI also makes it easier to retrieve files on Windows PCs. We’ve all saved something on the computer at one time or another after which we couldn’t find it again. With the new AI function Recall, your Windows PC has a photographic memory, so to speak.

You can use Recall to go back exactly in your timeline to see what actions you performed. Snapshots and Screenray help you find the right file.

There are also a number of generative AI functions built into Copilot+. You can generate images and use them in Paint and Photos, for example. In those apps, you can also use a variety of other functions to make your images even better.

Have a question? Then all you have to do is press the special Copilot button found on the new Windows keyboards. This uses ChatGPT-4, which Microsoft is investing in.

Even more PCs with Copilot

The first Windows PCs with Copilot are those with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. They will soon come to AMD processors as well. Certain new gaming laptops will get a special update during the fourth quarter.


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And that promises to get even more interesting, as the Nvidia GeForce RTX AI laptops made by Asus and MSI can even perform 1,000 trillion operations per second. With special tools, modders can use AI to greatly improve the image quality in old games.

So Copilot+ is going to bring quite a few improvements to Windows. Not only for your daily work, but also for games. That Copilot+ button on the keyboard is just a small part, but the symbol that you get a completely new experience on your PC.

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