This brilliant charger can charge iPhone AirPods and Apple Watch

This brilliant charger can charge iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

Cables can really be hell. So if we can throw some in a drawer, we are big fans of it. The MagStack can help just fine with your iPhone, Earpods, Apple Watch.

The MagStack is a foldable, three-in-one wireless charging station that works with all phones or Bluetooth earbuds and watches that use the Qi standard for wireless charging.

Charging iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at once

Wireless charging is incredibly nice. All you have to do is hang your device on it. However, it’s still a bit of a hassle with three cables if you want to charge your earbuds, phone and smartwatch.

That problem is solved with the MagStack. It actually charges your iPhone, Earpods and Apple Watch at the same time. To do so, you fold the charger into a triangle position. The nice thing about that position is that you can still continue to use your phone when you place it horizontally on the charger.

For example, you continue to watch a video or use the phone as an alarm clock or night timer. So also super convenient for any FaceTime calls.

An absolute hero for travel

If you have an old phone, it may mean you have to watch your battery all day if you go to work without a charger. That’s not advisable anyway, as it will drain your phone faster anyway, but that aside. The MagStack looks great on a nightstand, but it’s also a great travel charger.

Fold up the little device and it’s about the size of a wallet. You still need to bring an AC adapter and cable, of course. Of course, the MagStack is much easier than having to keep changing multiple devices on one cable throughout the workday.

The MagStack even has a magnetic metal bezel for non-MagSafe phone cases. The watch stand is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 through 6. The other two charging pads work with all smartphones or other devices that use the Qi standard.

The MagStack costs $44.99.

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