1717514491 This free web app shows you hotspots from Google Maps

This free web app shows you hotspots from Google Maps

Google Maps is not only the app to navigate your way through traffic, it also shows you the best things to do. A free web app makes that even better.

Like me, you probably use Google Maps regularly. It displays up-to-date traffic information, you plan your ideal route by public transportation, and you also know exactly how best to walk or take a bike.

In addition, Google Maps is the ideal place to find the best restaurants and stores. Still, this is not always easy, but there is a more simple solution.

Even better finding your favorite places in Google Maps

Google Maps already lets you search for stores, restaurants and other businesses with good reviews. But it’s hard to sort through which are really the best. There are some filters you can apply, but there is room for improvement.

For example, the app does not allow you to search by the number of stars a particular store gets. You can only sort by more than 4 stars, for example. Fortunately, there is another site that helps you with this.

Google Maps for Android brings light to the end of the tunnelAlong the way. (Image: Isaac Mehegan / Unsplash)

This site is called top-rated.online and lets you very easily sort results from Google Maps, exactly how you want to see it. You can choose from quite a few categories such as restaurants, accommodations, sports and entertainment. Once you have chosen a category, you can choose from a variety of subcategories. For example, in the restaurant category, you can choose from bakery, kebab store and sushi.

Here’s how it works

The site gets all the data from Google Maps itself, so you have exactly the same results. You see not only the top rated places, but also the places that have been reviewed the most, and there are also some hidden gems.

So use this website to find your future favorite restaurant and then navigate to it again with Google Maps. This way you can easily find the best places in the city.

By the way, you can also very easily find the worst rated places through the website. That way you know which places are better to avoid.


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