Three new features to get through the summer with Google

Three new features to get through the summer with Google Maps

In order to provide consumers with the best possible directions, Google Maps regularly receives new functionalities. This summer is no different and the app will make sure you arrive at your destination carefree. Jeroen dived into those new features and explains what you can expect exactly.

This summer you’ll probably need Google Maps a few times. Maybe you’re taking the car to France or Spain and need to find the quickest way, or you’re looking for that one special restaurant to have a wonderful evening. No, we can’t do without the app. Now there are some new features coming that will make you love the app even more.

Google Maps makes your bike ride easier

First up is some good news for the cyclists among us. Google Maps comes with quite a few improvements for bicycle routes. Are you going out by bike? Then you can use Google Maps to choose whether you want more bike paths on your route, or if you want to make fewer turns. You can also see more details on the map. For example, hills and stairs are shown, and the step-by-step route shows whether you are riding on a bike path or on a road that you have to share with motorists.

Google MapsGo ride your bike! (Image: Google)

Of course, we love to cycle all too much during our vacations, but something we also do, of course, is sightseeing. We want to visit the most beautiful places of our vacation destination. In Paris, of course, you want to stand on the Eiffel Tower, while in Barcelona you want to take a look at the Sagrada Familia.

Buildings in 3D

If you especially want to be completely prepared and know exactly where to look, Google Maps has 3D Immersive View. The feature is not quite finished yet, but now the first outlines are already visible. Meanwhile, almost 100 famous landmarks can be viewed in 3D. So you can already digitally fly past Big Ben, the Empire State Building and Alcatraz.

To view the building in 3D, you need to find the landmark in Google Maps and then press the photo section.

Share location

Location sharing in Google Maps seems to be rolling out soon. You can get a notification when someone leaves or arrives at a certain place. This is handy if you want to meet up with friends at a concert, for example. They can immediately see if you are there and give you a warm welcome. Or what about when cycling home after a night out. This way you are just that little bit safer.

You might be a bit worried about your privacy with this new feature. You don’t have to worry about that, because these notifications are only shown to people to whom you give permission.

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