TikTok listens to users and releases long awaited features

TikTok listens to users and releases long-awaited features

TikTok announces that users will now have more features at their disposal, in the form of more editing options. These are features that many people have been waiting a long time for. Moreover, it is nice to see that this can now be done without a detour; that is, you no longer need third-party apps.

Of course, TikTok already offered a number of editing options for customizing videos. But as of now, there are thus more options to try out. For example, you can now stack, cut and split videos and sounds. In addition, it should be easier for everyone to add and edit text.

Major update for TikTok

And if you ever do anything with picture-in-picture, it’s good to know that your photos and videos can be provided with overlays. Furthermore, you can adjust the playback speed of videos, you can rotate images and you can zoom in on individual clips. In short: you can get a lot more creative.

TikTokNew options for TikTok (Image: TikTok)

That’s also how TikTok sees the new options. The app now acts more like a basic video editor, but one that “allows people to enjoy more creative freedom.” Also, users can “share richer stories” and bring their “content ideas to life spread across different platforms.”

Even more features

But that’s not all. Because TikTok is announcing even more features. For example, you can count on Photo Mode. This allows you to share a collection of photos that others can see in a carousel, while a nice song plays underneath. In addition, you can now include more text in the posts you attach to such a video.

Meanwhile, the company is testing another nifty feature where nearby content is prominently displayed. This will give local creators a little more breathing room. And earlier, TikTok introduced a veritable clone feature of the app BeReal, which requires you to share a photo with everyone every so often.

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