TikTok wants to take Twitch out of the equation focus

TikTok wants to take Twitch out of the equation: focus on gamers ever greater

It seems that TikTok wants to focus more on gaming. That’s not surprising, since gaming is a huge industry. The company is currently testing games in Vietnam, before launching the new component. The small games are currently based on HTML5.

This is confirmed by a representative of TikTok to Reuters news agency. It is intended that TikTok will accommodate games developed by parent company Bytedance. These are games that are supported by ads and can therefore potentially make a lot of money. They can also extend the time people spend in the app.

Playing games for points

Previously, TikTok tried out its own Farmville-like game within the app. Players could earn points through that little game and turn them in as donations. In addition, the company is working with Farmville developer Zynga on an endless runner called Disco Loco 3D. So this seems to be just the beginning.

That TikTok is focusing on gaming is not surprising. Not only because the gaming industry is a billion dollar market. After all, the app’s predecessor, Douyin, already offered various mini-games. So this seems to be a logical step. In addition, we see that other parties that seemingly have nothing to do with games are also investing in that market. We are referring to Netflix and Facebook.

TikTok puts attack on Twitch?

Furthermore, TikTok has been developing a special PC program for several months that allows users to test streaming software for games. Some creators can also offer some interactive elements during live streaming. This can be done, for example, through various mini-apps in videos.

This is not the only thing the company is focusing on now. For TikTok is working behind the scenes on more options for live streaming. The focus of the features is on interacting with viewers. For example, they will have access to a Pictionary-like game, as well as a treasure chest that distributes coins to random viewers.

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