Trap spies and stalkers from your Apple AirTag with this

Trap spies and stalkers from your Apple AirTag with this handy gadget

The Apple AirTag is a very useful device for recovering lost items. Unfortunately, they are now increasingly being used for other purposes, such as stalking. To combat that, the BlueSleuth was created.

There are times when malicious sadists put an Apple AirTag in someone’s purse, coat pocket or something similar. Now the company Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) is coming out with a nifty little device that should counter this.

BlueSleuth tracks down Apple AirTags

The BlueSleuth should be able to detect the best-known Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) trackers (such as the AirTag). There is a display on the device that lists all detected trackers. You can then see which device you are dealing with, what brand it is and when it was last noticed.

It is not possible to see the exact location of the AirTag, but by reading the signal strength on the BlueSleuth you would be able to track down the devices.

BlueSleuth, Apple AirtagThe BlueSleuth in all its glory. (Image: Kickstarter/BVS)

The BlueSleuth is quite small, so you can easily hold it in your hands. There is a lithium battery inside the AirTag tracker that should last a full day. There is support for both wired and wireless charging.

So how exactly does it work?

The BlueSleuth detects AirTags in a radius of about 23 meters. Although you can adjust that to find only Apple AirTags that are close by. There’s a button on the device that lets you navigate the BlueSleuth’s menu, or adjust its settings. It also fits nicely on a keychain so you always have the BlueSleuth with you.


Sorry, tracker?

A tracker is a device used to determine the location of an object, person or animal using GPS, Bluetooth or RFID technology.

The device should come out in June 2023. Funds were raised through a Kickstarter. The first investors were able to secure a BlueSleuth for 470 euros. BVS, on the other hand, has already revealed that the Apple AirTag tracker will likely cost a bit more at launch.

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