Twitter does a wannabe TikTok with new feature iOS users

Twitter at risk, so Tweetbot maker Tapbots comes up with alternative

It is no secret that Twitter is currently in dire straits. Half the staff is gone, advertisers are leaving and users are complaining. The owner is also complaining, about advertisers leaving and that it’s mostly because of other people. Anyway, Tweetbot maker Tapbots now sees an opportunity and comes up with an alternative.

Tapbots is currently working on an app called Ivory. If you’ve been paying a little attention over the past few days, you may immediately know what that’s a reference to. The company will soon release an app for Mastodon, just as it first gave its own look to the social medium Twitter.

Twitter app maker working on new app

The app for Mastodon is currently in beta and in the early stages of development. That means there are a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out and some features are missing. But for now, it looks like this is a promising start; who knows what the future holds.

Mastodon TwitterMastodon on your iPhone (Image: Unsplash)

The company behind the popular Twitter app Tweetbot is doing this for a reason. It probably wants to get ahead of a procession of switchers by thus soon being able to offer a fine alternative to the Mastodon app. This is the social network to which many tweeps, because of all the fuss, are currently switching.

One million active users

The Mastodon app has more than a million active users; more than half have signed up since October. And that’s even though getting the service up and running may be just a little too complicated for beginners. This is because Mastodon is decentralized, so there is no one server holding all the data.

Instead, there are parties running servers from so-called instances or islets. The social medium is somewhat more comparable to Discord, but with all sorts of Twitter elements. Think @’s, timelines, profiles and more. Oh and when you post something on Mastodon, you post a toot.

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