Twitter grabs Tor for more security and privacy on platform

Twitter grabs Tor for more security and privacy on platform

Twitter announces that a version of its website is now available as a Tor service. This is an important step for the company. Because with this, the social network is optimized for protecting privacy and evading censorship. In addition, the site officially supports the Tor network as a browser.

Twitter’s onion service is accessible at the address https://twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion. That address can only be visited through a Tor browser or similar program. The site was of course already visitable through the secure browser, but not in its new form.

Twitter as a Tor website

Indeed, the revamped Twitter website offers multiple layers of security as it is specifically designed for the network. Sites available as onion services are often described as hidden services or as part of the dark web. Although you quickly refer to criminal websites with that term.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

This is possibly the most important and long-awaited tweet that I’ve ever composed.

On behalf of @Twitter, I am delighted to announce their new @TorProject onion service, at:

– Alec Muffett (@AlecMuffett) March 8, 2022

By the way, Twitter is not the only “normal” website with its own Tor service. For example, Google alternative DuckDuckGo offers its own site. And the same goes for the BBC, the New York Times and ProPublica, for example. In addition, useful tools, such as SecureDrop, also work with Tor browsers.

Tor hides personal information

Tor encrypts all Internet traffic and funnels it through various servers, hiding personal information. This way, someone else cannot find out who is visiting a particular website. Visiting websites through the Tor browser is a popular way of getting around blockades.

This is an important thing in a lot of situations. For example, when governments block access to social media in war situations. Then you can go with a vpn, but surfing the Internet through Tor is a safer means. This way everyone retains access to important websites and information. In addition, using the Tor network is also incredibly safe. This is because when you visit a specific address, you can be one hundred percent sure that you are on the right page.

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