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Twitter threatens to disappear from App Store: what’s going on?

Notorious tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is once again making a strong claim on Twitter, the platform he recently acquired for 44 billion euros. In his tweet, he now makes a claim about Apple and the idea that the company is working against him. But that’s not the only thing Musk has recently exposed.

In a recent tweet, Twitter and Tesla owner Elon Musk claims that Apple wants to “withhold” the medium’s app. The reason is unknown to him. Interestingly, an hour before sending that message, Musk threw another notification into the world. That tweet also related to the iPhone maker.

Elon Musk at loggerheads with Apple?

That post reveals that Apple is “largely responsible” for the ad freeze on Twitter. Elon Musk additionally wonders if they hate freedom of speech in the United States. He also asked via poll his followers what would be a logical move now.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 28, 2022

The question is whether Apple should “publish all actions related to censorship.” For now, Apple has not responded to the uproar caused by the richest man on earth, and the question is whether it will. Perhaps we should give the man a little less attention and Apple is now setting the right example.

Another fuss about the Apple tax

Now that Elon Musk owns an app where you can make digital purchases, he is confronted daily with the now not-so-secret Apple tax. That’s the commission of up to thirty percent that developers must pay the iPhone maker for using the App Store.

Musk has already spoken out about it, calling the commission a “hidden tax.” Then we also have the tweet in which Musk says he will launch his own smartphone when Twitter disappears from the App Store and Google Play.

We will then assume for convenience that that smartphone runs on its own operating system and has its own download store, because otherwise it will be of no use.

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