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Update for Microsoft Teams will end major irritation

Microsoft announces that they are going to address one of the most irritating parts of the widely used program Microsoft Teams. This concerns the fact that it is currently not possible to determine where downloaded files end up. Fortunately, that is going to change.

We can imagine that you prefer to decide where you want to find specific files after downloading. Especially if it’s work-related stuff you might be doing on your private computer. Fortunately, Microsoft is now addressing this problem for its collaboration program Microsoft Teams.

Update for Microsoft Teams

“Teams gives users the ability to control where downloaded files go,” the company explains on its own website. “This applies only to the desktop version of the program.” Are you using Teams through a browser? Then the browser’s download location determines where the file goes.

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams illustration. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft recently added that adjustment to its roadmap and promises that the update will arrive soon for users. Whether that will happen before May seems strong to us. However, it seems that the American tech giant wants to move quickly, so there is a good chance that the update will arrive soon in June.

Determine download location yourself

This may seem like a minor update, but for many users it is simply more convenient to decide where certain files are parked on their computer. This way you maintain your own overview and know exactly where the files go, without having to perform an additional action afterwards.

With hybrid working on the rise, and people working from home more often or longer, it’s important to have the right tools for that. Not that Microsoft Teams is perfect, but the program did prove its worth during the pandemic. Little updates like this only make the software better and better.

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