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Victrola Stream Carbon: you won’t get any closer to a Sonos record player

For several years now, playing LPs has been all the way back. For this, of course, you need a record player. But what if you could connect your Sonos device to it? That’s now possible.

There are different ways to enjoy music. You can of course just use your phone to play songs, but at home you prefer to do that with a good music player. So it makes sense that many people have a Sonos at home. But playing real records on it is not yet wireless. That’s about to change.

The first real record player for Sonos.

Unlike previous turntables from makers who claimed they were designed specifically for Sonos, this one actually connects to the audio brand’s devices. The previous ones all had to connect to a Sonos device with a cable, but this one connects wirelessly. Despite being wireless, there is still an RCA output for the built-in amplifier. However, this cannot be replaced.

Of course it’s great that you can connect wirelessly to Sonos, but you’re probably also curious what else this turntable has up its sleeve. The Victrola is made of a thick block of MDF and has a carbon fiber arm. Beneath it are rubber feet that make it look like the large block hangs just above the table.

Not cheap

On the front of the turntable is a universal volume knob that can be used to control the sound level. Before you can use the Victrola in combination with Sonos, you must first install it. This is done via the special Victrola app.

Cheap Victrola’s turntable is certainly not cheap. For Americans, it can now be pre-ordered through the brand’s website for $799. Unfortunately, this is not possible for the Netherlands. Still, it does not mean that the brand is skipping our country. Previous models of the brand are available through, among others. It is therefore obvious that this Sonos record player will also come to our country.

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