1651858304 WhatsApp bets on Emoji with brand new big update

WhatsApp bets on Emoji with brand new (big) update

WhatsApp has started rolling out a major update. With this, the company is bringing a number of new features to your smartphone and changing the way you use the application.

The functionalities have all popped up in beta versions recently. The new update therefore brings few surprises, but is nevertheless really worthwhile.

WhatsApp brings new features to your smartphone

First of all, WhatsApp is going to increase some of its limits. Whereas previously you could send 100MB of files, for example, it will soon be possible to share files of up to 2GB. In addition, the number of participants in a group conversation will also be increased. You can, at the time you have installed the update, be in a group with 512 people.

In addition to the limits, WhatsApp is also introducing a new functionality: emoji responses. This is a functionality that can completely change the way we use the application.

Meta WhatsAppThe Zuck is looking forward to it (Image: Meta / Via: The Verge)

Thanks to Emoji reactions, it is possible to respond to messages in a new way. It is somewhat similar to Slack and Telegram, where this has been possible for ages. As soon as you find a message funny you no longer have to send a response, but you can attach an Emoji (in this case with tears of laughter) to the message.

After the update you will only have a choice of several standard Emoji. Meta let us know that support for all characters and skin colors will follow soon.

Not all additions at once

The features that WhatsApp is making available from today have been discussed for some time. However, it was not quite clear when exactly they would appear. Today seems to be the day when two of the three new features see the light of day. The most recent update will provide you with Emoji responses and support for larger files. WhatsApp has revealed that the increased limit for group chats is slowly but surely coming our way.

Is there no update ready for you yet or do you not have the new features yet? No worries! A global rollout takes time. It is expected that all WhatsApp users will have access to the update by next week.

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