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WhatsApp for iOS now supports Focus Mode

WhatsApp has rolled out an update for its iOS app. Thanks to this update, the popular platform uses one of the most pleasant features your iPhone has had since iOS 15.

It’s all about Focus Mode, of course, which allows you to set exactly which notifications you want to see and which notifications you don’t, at a certain part of the day. But there’s also definitely more!

iPhone users get WhatsApp update

The functionalities brought out by the WhatsApp update have been in the pipeline for a while. It was already mentioned a few months ago, so now iPhone users can actually get started with Focus mode. But how does that work exactly?

Your iPhone’s Focus Mode already ensures that all notifications, including those from WhatsApp, are blocked. But the function of this addition is precisely the ability to customize those notifications. For example, under Focus Mode “Work” it is possible to receive notifications only from business contacts and visa versa for personal.

iPhone 13 iOS 15 tipsFocus (Screenshot: OMT)

Thanks to WhatsApp, it is now also possible to specify within the app which contacts can send you a message at which Focus Mode. So messages from business contacts just come in as notifications, but your personal contacts are kept quiet. Just like it works with iMessage.

New notifications and voice messages

In addition to the introduction of Focus Mode, WhatsApp version 22.2.75 brings more features. For example, iPhone users are now able to pause and resume voice message recording. In this way, WhatsApp wants to ensure that its users have to re-record messages less often.

The third addition has everything to do with notifications. Earlier this year it was announced that WhatsApp wanted to use profile pictures in notifications that people receive. So now that functionality seems to be fully developed and coming to your iPhone. The notifications are more similar to iMessage in that regard.

When is the WhatsApp update coming?

WhatsApp has already rolled out version 22.2.75 of its iOS app and is doing so globally. This may just mean that some users may have to wait a little longer than others. So it may take a few weeks before truly every user is provided with the new features.

If there is already an update available in the App Store, then it is useful to get it. Is the update not there yet? Then please be patient!