The functionality with which WhatsApp wants to stop Fake News

WhatsApp for iPhone needs to improve significantly (and it seems to be doing so!)

Messaging services like WhatsApp and privacy are often not a good combination, but there have been positive changes to that. And now it seems that the most popular messaging service at the moment wants to keep that positive momentum going. That’s according to a recent beta update for the iPhone.

This time, the update relates to the Last Seen status of users. Currently you have three options when it comes to that status. You can show it to everyone, your contacts or to no one at all. You do not have the option to show it to some people or not to some people. That’s going to change soon.

Beta update for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is testing the fresh update through Apple’s TestFlight program. This is a component that allows app makers to share early versions of apps and updates with a large audience. This way, people outside of a company can also help with testing. As a tester, you need version for this.

WhatsApp betaBeta of WhatsApp (Image: WABetaInfo)

After downloading and installing, you will have access to the new Last Seen status options. To do this, go to the WhatsApp settings, and then to your Account and the Privacy section. After tapping the option for Last Seen, you will see what you can also set from now on.

Exclude contacts

Here you will find an option that allows you to exclude certain contacts from the status. So you can set that all your contacts can see when you were last online, except your ex, that annoying neighbor or your boss. The condition is that you must have that person in your contact list.

Remember that this option only applies to the Last Seen status. It is not the case that excluded people cannot see your profile picture and information anymore. If you wish to mask this information, again, go to WhatsApp’s privacy settings.