1641654046 WhatsApp lets you know when people are talking about you

WhatsApp lets you know when people are talking about you

WhatsApp is already busy developing its platform in 2022. The application is provided with yet another new functionality in the latest beta version.

The new beta version is the successor to the one that added profile pictures to notifications earlier this week. You can learn more about this addition via this link.

WhatsApp keeps you better informed

WhatsApp is going to keep users better informed at the time they are being talked about. Where this may not look like it, it is indeed a functionality related to notifications. For example, notifications on a smartphone will be sorted separately when this option is in effect within WhatsApp. This is what the website WABetaInfo reports today.

There are enough moments in a day when you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications. Silencing notifications or your smartphone is an excellent solution to get that done, although the many messages can be quite overwhelming. iOS 15, the operating system for the iPhone, already manages to do this and now WhatsApp joins the mob. Whenever your name is mentioned, an app is answered or you are tagged you will get a separate notification.

WhatsAppWhat it will look like. (Image: WABetaInfo)

That way you have a handy overview of everything you really missed. When the functionality will see the light of day for the general public is unknown at this time.

Many new options in 2021

WhatsApp has had a busy year. The company first caused a stir with the introduction of new terms of use, but then it went on to release a lot of new features. For example, support for multiple devices appeared, users could get started with new heart emoji and certain data could be hidden from contacts.

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