WhatsApp looks to expand responding with emoji very soon

WhatsApp looks to expand responding with emoji very soon

Behind the scenes, WhatsApp is busy developing a recently released feature. Responding to messages with emoji seems to be getting even more fun.

Where up to now you have access to six different characters, WhatsApp seems to be busy already with an expansion. More emoji = more better.

WhatsApp expands emoji responses

More and more people are discovering it: responding with emoji to messages in WhatsApp. Recently, users can choose from six different characters. A message can be provided with a thumb, heart, smiling puppet, startled puppet, crying puppet and the two hands on each other. Typically, this results in a conversation that is less filled with single emoji.

Yet, as fun as it is, the functionality is still somewhat limited. With a huge range of emoji available, it is quite striking that users currently have a choice of six characters. However, WhatsApp seems to be working on an expansion behind the scenes. The company is rolling out the ability to add other emoji in a new beta version for iOS.

WhatsApp emojiMore 🥸 (Image: WABetaInfo)

As soon as you respond to a post you will see, behind the row of emoji, a plus sign. If you press this, you can then add your own character. We do not know yet when the functionality will be available to everyone. However, we can say that the expansion will come pretty soon after the full rollout of the feature. Good news!

iOS app becoming more complete

WhatsApp is going nicely in 2022. The Meta subsidiary, you know: the one from Facebook, has already tested and released several features. Think, for example, of the improved way to send voice messages, more control over group conversations, and that one feature that Twitter users have been clamoring for for years.

By the way, did you know that the application has adopted a nice iPhone functionality? You can read more about it in the above article Jeroen wrote about it.

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