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Why Google is still begging Apple for iMessage change

Google is putting considerable pressure on Apple to implement RCS in iMessage. Apple is definitely not keen on this and is not responding to the Android maker.

iMessage is Apple’s specially developed messaging system for its own iPhone. It works much the same as SMS allowing users to send each other messages and media. Because the system is closed, it is only available for Apple devices. Something that goes against the grain of Android maker Google. Thus, messages sent from an iPhone to an Android device and vice versa are not displayed optimally.

Google wants RCS in iMessage

Indeed, Google is using the RCS standard for messaging. Something not supported by Apple’s iMessage. As a result, Android users cannot send proper photos and videos via messages to iPhone owners and the use of emoji is impossible. Something that is thus not nice for Google, as it could be a reason for users to purchase an iPhone instead of an Android.

What is RCS?


RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It is a modern standard for textual communication that currently runs only on Android devices. This is because Apple does not want to implement it in its own system. When you send a message via iMessage, it turns blue on your iPhone. Messages to Android devices are colored green.

Google is therefore trying to put pressure on Apple. In August, it started the #getthemessage campaign to convince Apple to offer RCS on the iPhone. During the CES in Las Vegas, it is going the extra mile and has rented out a huge billboard.


First time I’ve even seen an ad for android and it’s going all out

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Apple is not in communication with Android

The ad Google is showing can be called playful. First it comes up with the message and then the code for RCS in iMessage. The company hopes this will allow Android and iPhone users to send each other better videos and photos via messages.

In August, Google launched a special site for that purpose showing all the benefits. Besides photos and videos, there are other advantages, as messages between Android and iOS can also be encrypted as a result. In addition, it is easier to start group conversations and you can also send emojis.

Still, Google seems to need to be patient. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that implementing RCS in iMessage is not a priority for the company.