Why KPN Ziggo and T Mobile will become obsolete in the

Why KPN, Ziggo and T-Mobile will become obsolete in the future

We all have subscriptions to KPN, Ziggo and T-Mobile. Yet that may not be necessary in the future. The cable operators are getting more and more competition from large parties.

If you want an Internet or phone connection in your home, you depend on a cable company. Whether it’s KPN, Ziggo or T-Mobile, you can hardly do without it. Yet that will change in the future. It’s actually a process that is already underway.

KPN, Ziggo and T-Mobile unnecessary in the future?

The best-known example of this is SpaceX. Instead of traditional cable, the company offers Internet via satellite. All you need is a receiver box. Now it’s still enormously pricey, but cable subscription prices at KPN, Ziggo and T-Mobile are also increasing.

Of course, such a receiver is very inconvenient for mobile Internet. You’re not going to walk around with such a mobile modem in your hand or backpack. That’s why SpaceX is working on an alternative. The company wants the phones themselves to be able to connect to the network.

Ziggo logo with planesZiggo speed (Image: Ziggo/Pexels, montage: OMT)


The company has plans to partner with T-Mobile to make this possible. This should allow users of the provider to have a good connection even in areas with poor or no coverage. It hopes to get permission from U.S. authorities.

Now SpaceX still depends on T-Mobile for the network, but the ultimate goal, of course, is to connect directly to a satellite. This may make cable companies like KPN and Ziggo obsolete in the future.

Apple also has ideas about the future

We see a similar development at Apple. The company has Emergency SOS in a number of countries. This makes it possible to connect to a satellite without coverage in case of an emergency.

Yet Apple is already thinking beyond emergencies. The company has filed a new patent that also makes it easy to enable calling, video and more via satellite. That is, without KPN, Ziggo T-Mobile, or other cable providers.

No KPN, Ziggo or T-Mobile subscription needed

The patent shows that transceivers and antennas transmit data such as streaming video, television, voice and Internet data. In short, basically everything you do with your iPhone.

The companies are pushing for the future, so perhaps Ziggo, KPN and T-Mobile will come to an end and the larger tech companies will go their own way.

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