Why you should hold off on your Amazon purchase for

Why you should hold off on your Amazon purchase for now

Those who are about to make a large purchase on Amazon might want to postpone it for a while. During the announcement of the quarterly results, the company let it be known that there will soon be a lot of discounts thrown around again.

Starting in July 2022, it will be two days of Amazon Prime Day. The days when you can get a lot of discount on the purchase of brand new products. Something that, as the past few years have shown, is more than worth the wait.

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day is among one of the biggest online shopping events. During this day, or several days, the American shop sprinkles a lot of discounts. Since a few years, the store is also active in the Netherlands and we can also use the advantage.

An exact date is not yet mentioned, but we do know that the event is in July. That is a month later than last year, when Amazon Prime Day went off in June. During the event, consumers were able to rake in quite a few discounts. The year before, the special promotion was held once in October because of COVID-19.

Amazon Prime dayLots of packages for little (Image: Unsplash)

So those who want to make a big purchase may choose to put it off for a while. Usually such promotions are very inexpensive for electronics, so those who want to buy a new TV or soundbar can probably do so for less money around summer. Although, of course, you have no guarantee. It is currently expected that the two-day discount party will take place between July 11 and July 18, 2022. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Always the best deals

The Dutch love discounts, and rightly so. Technology costs quite a bit of money, so it’s nice to get a bit of a discount every now and then. That is exactly why we at WANT always keep an eye on the best deals for you.

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