ChatGPT as Apple expert which iPhone should you buy according

Why you should watch out for these wrong ChatGPT apps for iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android devices are plagued by faulty ChatGPT apps. We tell you why these are so dangerous and you should not use them.

ChatGPT is one of the finest services you can have on your smartphone. You ask questions or command a text that the program then executes. Yet now you have to be careful on your iPhone or Android device.

ChatGPT on iPhone or Android

So it makes sense that many people would want the service on their phones. Unfortunately, parent company OpenAI has not yet developed a dedicated app for iPhone or Android. There are third parties that offer features of ChatGPT in app form, but they are not always great.

ChatGPT is currently still completely free to use. You can even very easily build your own ChatGPT app at no cost to you.

Still, we can understand that it might be easier if all the work is done for you. That’s why several ChatGPT apps are popular. Just type the name into the App Store or Google Play Store and you’ll get tig options for Android and iPhone.

Still, it does not mean they are all equally good. Security experts from Internet security company Sophos sound the alarm at Ghacks. For example, some creators take considerable advantage by secretly selling in-app subscriptions.

ChatGPTChatGPT (Image: Rolf van Root / Unsplash)


Such apps are called fleeceware. They pretend to be the real providers of a service such as ChatGPT and offer tempting free trial offers, but hardly work in practice. However, if you don’t cancel them in time, you have to pay hefty fees. These apps often have misleading subscription fees.

Many people think you cancel a subscription when you uninstall an app, but that’s definitely not the case. On your iPhone, you do it by going to the App Store and then pressing your profile. On Android, it’s done in much the same way.

Often these app use a fake name by misspelling the original app. For example, think Chat GBT instead of ChatGPT. These apps lure people mainly through advertisement.

Unlike malware, fleeceware does not exhibit overt malicious behavior. The revenue model is subscriptions rather than stealing data. Makers of these apps therefore simply submit them to the App Store or Play Store, but omit the subscription prices and payment terms. This allows them to change terms and increase subscriptions later.

Here’s how to get ChatGPT on your iPhone or Android device

So if you want ChatGPT on your iPhone or Android device, you can easily create your own app, or still go for a third-party app. Just pay close attention to the reviews and keep a close eye on your subscriptions.

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