Why your router needs replacement for better internet

Why your router needs replacement for better internet

Is your Internet connection howling? Chances are you’re in need of a new router.

If you buy a good router, you won’t need to replace it for the time being. But if your needs change, your old router may struggle to handle everything. During the corona pandemic, for example, many people discovered that their Internet wasn’t good enough for working from home.

So, if your Internet needs change, you may need to upgrade your router sooner than you expected. This will keep your Internet connection up to par. Maybe you’re still in doubt a that’s not a problem. We’ll tell you when it’s time to replace it.

Here’s how to find out if your internet needs a new router

A good router is extremely important for pleasant Internet. That’s why it can’t hurt to check your device. If your router suffers from one (or more) of these points, then it’s a good idea to replace it.

#1 Slow internet connection

It is always useful to test your Internet connection first with a speed test. Such a test can help you understand the quality of the Internet. For the most accurate results, you prefer to run a test with a wired connection.

Connecting Wi-Fi routerAlways and everywhere connected. (Image: Unsplash)

There are several tests available on the Internet that you can perform. Often you can also do a measurement on your Internet provider’s website. But you can also do another test, for example through Measurement Lab or Speedtest.

Upgrading to a newer and faster router allows devices to reach full Internet speeds. Newer WiFi 6 technology allows you to achieve faster speeds even when there are many other WiFi networks nearby. This can be useful if you find that your Wi-Fi is sometimes slow.

#2 Your router is not working well with the local network

Your local network consists of all the devices connected together on your home network. This is what you deal with a lot in a Smart Home, for example. If you set up all the devices properly, they can communicate with each other.

For everything to work properly, you need a router that can support these networks. Most routers of recent years support gigabit speeds, which is usually sufficient for a local network. But some cheaper devices fall short.

iPhone and Android transform your home into Smart Home thanks to awesome gadgetMake your home smart. (Image: Unsplash)

#3 You have poor coverage in your home

If you have a router in your home, of course you want every room to have Wi-Fi coverage at a good speed. Especially if you have a lot of Smart Home technology that needs Wi-Fi. With a strong router, you can improve your Wi-Fi coverage. Not only that: a faster router has some extra room to keep speeds high. Even if the signal gets weaker.

Mesh routers allow you to use multiple routers together to create one Wi-Fi network. This is similar to a Wi-Fi extender, but with a mesh network, you don’t have to use a separate Wi-Fi name. Plus, your devices can automatically switch between mesh routers. So it’s a convenient way to avoid dead zones.

#4 Your router is not secure

It used to be that old routers had to send the password to the router every time something was communicated. That made it easy for hackers to figure out your password.

Fortunately, most routers are now upgraded to WPA-2. Through this technology, a code is used that changes regularly. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to crack that code. The newest devices support WPA-3, which is even more secure.

Undercover Netflix Android iPhone ScyllaDon’t get caught by cyber criminals. (Image: Netflix)

In addition, it is hugely important that a router stays up-to-date to combat hackers who can find vulnerabilities in the software. If the manufacturer of your device no longer offers updates, it’s smart to switch to another model. That way, you will stay well protected.

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