1666311542 Why YouTube isnt happy with DuckDuckGo but you probably are

Why YouTube isn’t happy with DuckDuckGo (but you probably are)

Do you often watch YouTube videos, get annoyed by the many ads and refuse to pay for a subscription? Then maybe the beta of the DuckDuckGo browser can help you in everyday life. In fact, anyone with a Mac in their home can try out the browser, which, among other things, blocks ads on that video site.

Mac users thus have an edge over Windows enthusiasts. Although a browser version for that operating system is also available, only “friends and family” of DuckDuckGo can claim it for now. But Mac users can download the public beta right now.

DuckDuckGo blocks just about everything

You may already be familiar with DuckDuckGo as a search engine, where you can search for things on the Internet in a privacy-friendly way. This company’s browser follows the same basic principles regarding that privacy. When you use the software, you cannot be visibly tracked online.

DuckDuckGo Android apps freeDuckDuckGo is not only a search engine but also a browser (Image: DuckDuckGo)

Cookies are blocked, the Internet connection is encrypted and through the Fire Button you delete all cookies and other personal browser data. By the way, you can exclude websites in this, thus giving you total control over your online presence. But what does all this have to do with YouTube?

YouTube is not happy about this

Well, the video service can thus – for starters – not serve personalized ads when you are not logged in. In addition, DuckDuckGo plays YouTube videos in the so-called Duck Player. As a result, the – increasing in numbers – ads disappear like snow in the sun.

How does this happen? DuckDuckGo allows ads when they are not tracking people. If they do then it is immediately basta, and they are not shown. And what turns out? The bulk of YouTube ads track viewers. Note: this magic trick only works on this service for now; it is not known if other video services will get the same treatment in the future.

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