WiZ goes on the attack with Hue with new camera

WiZ goes on the attack with Hue with new camera for HomeKit

In the smart home electronics market, Philips Hue tops the list. But in the meantime, WiZ is making huge strides. And that’s evidenced by a new camera for Apple HomeKit that you don’t have to pay a fortune for.

A few years ago, Philips Lightning rebranded its name to Signify. In addition to Philips Hue, it also owns the WiZ brand. It acquired the former startup in 2019. But then, with excellent products, is WiZ now a competitor to Philips Hue? Interesting, because the latter is really much more expensive.

WiZ and Philips Hue are close buddies with Apple HomeKit

Last year alone, WiZ introduced numerous new lamps. Most of these are directly compatible with Philips Hue, rely on a Wi-Fi connection and usually cost a little less. Much less.

But WiZ is going a step further this year. A few weeks ago, documents surfaced at the U.S. FCC titled WiZ Indoor Camera.

wiz, philips, hue, patentCompletely obvious, methinks. (Image: Apple)

The name of this possible product speaks for itself. So far there is no official information about the Philips Hue competitor’s camera, but this image from the FCC gives a nice indication.

Exactly what Signify plans to do with the camera is still guessing, of course. Of course, it could, for example, control the camera with Eve Cam and vice versa. So with your app, you can view your cameras in real time or review images. It is also clear that you can use the WiZ Indoor Camera to control light, more or less as a replacement for a motion detector, or by light coming through your windows.

In other words, when it gets dark, you can choose an automatic setting and your lights will go off. It would be striking if this WiZ camera could be connected to a Philips Hue setup. That side note stands because that smooth didn’t go very well with a connection to Google’s Nest Cam either.

From competitors to friends?

Signify has kept Philips Hue at a fair distance but at the time of Matter’s development, the possibility of them suddenly becoming friends is not out of the question. And that is only to be recommended.

Google Nest HubSmart Nest Hub can be stupid sometimes. (Image: Google)

Philips Hue works great but costs a fortune: thank goodness for WiZ and LSC and other wonderful products that don’t immediately cost an arm and a leg. Does everything work one-to-one? No. More expensive than it’s worth? Possibly so.

Should you want to know what the WiZ cam costs? We have no idea yet.

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