You can expect these new features on your Apple Watch

You can expect these new features on your Apple Watch this fall

You would almost forget after all the AI features coming to iPhone, iPad and to the Mac, but watchOS is also getting quite an update. Here’s what to expect on the Apple Watch.

During the WWDC24 keynote, new features for Apple’s various products flew around the ears. You may have lost track of everything else a bit because of Apple Intelligence.

So too are some great features coming to the Apple Watch. We tell you exactly what to expect.

Even better shape with watchOS 11 on your Apple Watch

If it’s up to Apple, you’ll soon be even more athletic. A special workout mode coming to your Apple Watch should help with that. That way you can see exactly what progress your body is making. The algorithm will show how much effort you put into a workout. So you can tell exactly if you’re making progress or if you need to step up. The data gives you even more motivation.

The Apple Watch also tells you when you need to rest, allowing you to develop a better workout routine. It can do that with various cardio workouts.

watchOS 11: these Apple Watch features you can expect laterEven better insight into your workouts. (Image: Apple)

In addition, it’s even easier to see your results. You can customize the layout on your iPhone so you have exactly the data you want at a glance.

Keep better track of your health on your Apple Watch

Apple is also introducing a new app, Vitality. It brings together various health features. In it you get to see the most important health features. So you can see exactly if anything changes in your health and get an immediate alert when needed.

Your Apple Watch will soon get certain widgets when you need them. The device will recognize exactly what stage you are in, so you will be shown the right information.

Family on a

In addition, the check-in feature will be brought to the Apple Watch. This allows a family member to see exactly where you are, such as during an evening hard run. This will make you feel just a little bit safer.


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Machine learning helps you choose a background for your Apple Watch. This way you will have a personal and beautiful background.

Rings on your Apple Watch and more convenience

For those people who can’t live without their rings, it will soon be possible to pause them. Think, for example, when you need a rest or are sick. This way you can just keep up your streak. Moreover, your goals are also easier to adjust.

New Double Tap features are also coming to your Apple Watch. Apple now also allows other app makers to use this feature. Until now, it was only possible to use Double Tap with aatal apps from Apple.

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