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Your future Android or iPhone battery never has to be charged again

Perhaps you charge your iPhone or Android battery every day. In some cases, you may even last two days with it. But never having to charge it again? That’s an entirely different story. Yet that may be possible in the future.

It is perhaps the most frustrating thing for an iPhone or Android owner. Just when you’re heading home from work, or out and about, your device’s battery is dead. Then you just have to hope that there is an outlet somewhere, or that you didn’t forget your charger.

If it’s up to Chinese company Betavolt Technology, these problems will be a thing of the past. The company is developing a battery that will last 50 years. But whether you would actually want this in your Android device or iPhone?

A nuclear battery

In fact, the company’s battery is a nuclear battery. This battery contains 63 nuclear isotopes in a module narrower than a coin. According to the company, this provides 100 microwatts of electricity, reports The Independent.

But perhaps that might still be dangerous to have in your iPhone or Android. These batteries use radioactive decay to generate electricity. This technology is already being used in space. Yet it has not yet been used in other devices because plutonium, the radioactive element, was deemed too risky.

Samsung Galaxy A54The Samsung Galaxy A54. (Image: Samsung)

To reduce that risk, the battery contains a diamond semiconductor layer and a rotating nickel isotope. According to the company, this prevents radiation leakage and there are no toxic elements in the mixture.

Because of the layered arrangement, the battery cannot catch fire, according to the company. It would also work at extreme temperatures from -60 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

Never charge your iPhone or Android device again?

The model the company has now created can deliver a voltage of 3V and is no larger than 1.5 centimeters. With multiple batteries, it is possible to create more power.

Perhaps in the future it will be possible to never have to recharge the battery of your iPhone or Android device. At least, if everything is true what the company claims and the batteries are really safe. It will still really have to prove that.

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