YouTube makes adblocker users lives all the worse

YouTube makes adblocker users’ lives all the worse

Are you using an adblocker? If so, YouTube is now making it even harder for you to watch your favorite videos.

YouTube has been battling adblockers for some time, trying to convince you to turn them off through a variety of ways.

The latest ways are even more irritating, making it almost impossible to watch your video. The only solution really seems to be to turn off your adblocker.

YouTube takes new measures against adblockers

YouTube is full of ads. After almost every video you get to see (in our opinion) an ad that is far too long. So it sometimes seems logical to use an adblocker to get rid of the problem. However, this only seems to make the problem worse.

YouTube seems to be applying new measures against adblockers, it is reported on Reddit. Users report that YouTube is skipping videos all the way to the end. Not very nice, in other words.

YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone (Illustration: WANT / Image: YouTube / Unsplash)

But that’s not the only measure YouTube uses. Other users again say they miss sound on the website when they use an adblocker. They can use the volume control to turn on the sound, but after they release it, the sound goes right back off.

These measures are in addition to previous tests by YouTube. Similarly, the service may slow down when you use an adblocker or show warnings including a clock that counts down.

Here’s what you can do about it

Although YouTube is trying to put all adblockers in the wringer, the measures seem to affect Adblock Plus users the most. Therefore, the only solution seems to be to disable your adblocker on the website.

Still, there is another option to use YouTube without seeing ads. To do so, you have to turn off Premium. Besides no longer seeing ads, you also have better video quality and can also use YouTube Music. The latter is a music streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music.


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