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YouTube on Android now finds songs you can’t remember the name of

The YouTube app on Android is getting the ideal feature if you forget the name of a song. Just hum it and the app will recognize it.

It happens very often that you forget the name of a song. If you happen to hear the song, you can just use Shazam to figure out the name, but if you don’t, it’s a lot trickier.

On your Android smartphone, YouTube will soon be your lifesaver. For it will be possible to simply hum a song after which it will recognize it.

YouTube now recognizes songs on Android

It’s very irritating when you have a song in your head all day but can’t remember the title. You can send your friends a voice message and hum it, but that’s somewhat embarrassing. Fortunately, you can now hum and whistle on your Android phone to recognize it for you.

YouTube is rolling out a new update for Android that makes this possible. You can very easily recognize if you have the feature. When you press the search bar, an icon that depicts a wavelength appears next to the microphone.

YouTube Top 10 (Image: YouTube / Edit: WANT)

Press that symbol to use the new feature. So this feature can recognize songs à la Shazam when they are played, as well as when you sing, hum or whistle them yourself. Almost every song YouTube recognizes, but sometimes it still makes a mistake.

How do you recognize forgotten songs on the iPhone?

The feature is currently being fully rolled out on Android. Although the feature has been spotted by some iPhone users on iOS, it has not yet been widely distributed by Google. So you’ll have to get lucky to use it.

Fortunately, there is another feature for iPhone users that works similarly. For this, you have to open the Google app instead of YouTube. If you press the microphone icon there, you will see the text “Find a song.” If you press that, you can also hum or sing a song and Google will search for it.


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