Netflix is full of free games for Android and iOS: here’s how to play them

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Then you not only have access to movies and series. Nowadays, you can also play games for free. But how exactly do you do that on your Android? We explain it to you.

Naturally, you use Netflix primarily for watching movies and series. Stranger Things, Wednesday and Squid Game are just a small sample of the offerings. These days, the streaming service offers much more. For example, you can now also play free games on iOS and Android.

Free games on Netflix for Android and iOS

The free games on iOS and Android are hard to find. They don’t appear at the top of your home page when you launch Netflix. Where do you find them and how do you install them? WANT editor Jeroen Kraak explains.

Netflix Games can only be found in the iOS or Android app. To do so, scroll down until you see the free games tab. Some apps even have an icon in the black bar at the bottom. If you click on that, you’ll see a list of free games.

Here’s how to install them

You’ve now found the games. That doesn’t mean you can launch them immediately through the Netflix app. You have to install them on your Android or iOS device first. You do that by clicking on the link. After this, you will automatically end up in the App Store or on Google Play. From that location, you install the game.

When you install the free game, it will automatically appear with your apps. You will recognize it by the small Netflix logo on the side. To play the game on your Android, just press the icon. Your progress will be saved automatically.

Good free games

You may doubt the quality because the games are free, but that is unjustified. The streaming service has bought licenses of games from reputable publishers. For example, you will find games that have previously appeared on the Nintendo Switch and PC, for example. Therefore, not all of these have to do with the series on the platform.

The great thing is that Netflix is expanding its selection of free games quite a bit. It slowly has something for everyone. The big question is where to start on your Android or iOS phone.

These Netflix picks you need to try on your Android

The big question, of course, is which game to start with. Personally, I recommend that you play Into the Breach. This game reminds you of the 80s in appearance, but the quality is definitely not. You have to make strategic decisions to defeat the enemies on a sort of game board.

Another free Netflix game you should definitely try on Android is Moonlighter. In this RPG, you run a store of magical items. You regularly have to enter a dungeon to replenish your supply. While there, you encounter all sorts of monsters who are targeting you.

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