5 genius tricks to get more out of your Samsung smartphones

Samsung really knows how to achieve tremendous success in the smartphone field for years. The devices sell like hot cakes, are shipped the most worldwide and receive good reviews. Yes, with a smartphone from the South Korean company you will be fine.

Yet we notice that in 2022 there are still plenty of people who do not get the most out of their smartphones. A shame, because Samsung devices have more than enough to offer. Therefore, we give you a hand with this article.

5 genius tricks for your Samsung smartphone

For some, the following five tricks are very obvious, for others they provide much more convenience. We obviously hope that you belong to the latter group and we were able to help you.

Do you have a Samsung smartphone in your pocket? Then try the following five tips:

#1 Keep your vibrator in check!

I’m sure many people have noticed over the years that the vibration feature on Samsung smartphones is quite fierce. In fact, rumor has it that since the introduction of the devices, the old-fashioned vibrator has sold extremely poorly. People just stand around with two devices in their pockets watching television and constantly calling themselves…Don’t know if that’s true by the way.

Smartphone Time (Image: Unsplash / Anh Nhat)

What I do know is that you can do something about the situation. In fact, it is possible with your Samsung to adjust the intensity of the vibration function. You do that by going to Settings -> Sounds and vibrations -> Vibration intensity. Then adjust it by means of the sliders.

#2 Samsung: navigating with gestures

It may be that people genuinely like it better, but I continue to be amazed that there are still people using the classic Android controls in the year 2022. You know, with that circle, triangle and the three dashes. But it can be so much easier than that.

Like a lot of other brands, Samsung devices also allow you to turn on gesture control. This allows you, through certain actions, to control the phone in a different way. It’s nice because in this way the image is not interrupted by a black bar.

You set ’em up by going to Settings -> Display -> Navigation Bar. There, the Buttons option is selected. Make sure you grab the Swipe gestures functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 (Image: Samsung)

#3 Secret button for your favorite app

People with a Samsung smartphone will know what Bixby is. For those who don’t know: it’s the South Korean version of the smart assistant. Only it is nowhere near as successful as the Google Assistant or Siri. Fortunately, it is possible to customize the assistant and change the function of the button. Even when you are not using a smart assistant.

In fact, you can make sure that pressing the power button twice will cause your favorite application to open. For example, think WhatsApp, Instagram or Spotify. You do it as follows:

Go to Settings
Select Advanced Features
Press Side Key
Choose a function for Press twice
Choose an action for Hold

#4 Samsung: apps conveniently lined up

Do you sometimes get annoyed by a cluttered Apps screen? Good news, you can of course control how it looks. You can manually move all the apps on your Samsung phone. But what if I tell you that can be done a lot faster.

Hip shot to show off my photography skills (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Indeed, on the Apps screen itself, it is possible to manually sort your applications. This can be done in custom order or alphabetical order. Go to the screen, select the three dots in the search bar and choose Sort. Then select the option you like.

#5 More apps on the home screen

Do you hate it when you want to add an app to your home screen, but the screen is full? Then I have good news for you! Samsung makes it possible to add more applications to the home screen. You can do this by following these steps

Press and hold the home screen
Choose Settings
Go to Grid Home screen
Choose which setup you would like to use.


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