All color options Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra see the light of day

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is still a long way off, but what the heck? It’s not like the smartphone has any secrets from us at this point, right?

After months of getting to know the specifications and design of the smartphone, we now also get a good look at all the available color options. Fair is fair: Samsung is doing very well in terms of design this year.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra colors

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been leaked for the umpteenth time. Where we previously saw press materials and videos pass by, now it’s the turn of all the color options of the smartphones. We’ve already been able to admire some of them or even see them photographed together. But this is the first time we have a clear photo showing four different colors.

The source of the images is Ishan Agarwal, a well-known leaker on Twitter who has partnered with MySmartPrice. The two have a good reputation for these kinds of posts, so the photos are at least worth sharing. Though it’s always good to take stories like this with a grain of salt.

The four different color options (Image: MySmartPrice)

Of course, the above photo speaks volumes. While the black and the pink variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra are not very interesting, it is mainly the green color that steals the show. Although I have to admit that the white Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also makes my heart beat.

The Galaxy Note is back

We’ve been able to find out a few times now, but this photo is yet another confirmation. It seems very likely that the Samsung Galaxy Note series is making its comeback in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The South Korean company abandoned the launch of the popular series last year, but seems to be making up for it completely early this year.

Thanks to the S-Pen, which this time you can store neatly inside the smartphone itself, and the square design, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks a lot like the Note. In addition, the screen, including hole-punch notch, is almost identical.

The only difference is that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a camera system embedded in the smartphone’s body. And if we can expect the pictures above, that works out very well.

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