OnePlus 10T: 5 awesome features that the smartphone has

You may have already seen it passing by: the OnePlus 10T. The phone has been on sale in the Netherlands since the end of last week. WANT editor Jeroen Kraak got to play with the phone and lists five special features. So you know whether the smartphone is for you.

OnePlus has become a highly appreciated brand on the smartphone market. It always knows how to bring quite interesting devices. At the moment it has a real flagship on the market with the OnePlus 10 Pro. My colleague Mark was very enthusiastic about it in his review. Now there is the 10T, which is somewhat derived from it. Jeroen takes a closer look at the new device and picks out five fun features.

OnePlus 10T: 5 awesome features

The OnePlus 10T is now on sale in stores. Perhaps you are hesitating whether you should buy it. The phone has a hefty price tag, but it is not as expensive as many other models. What is special about this smartphone?

#1 Super fast phone

OnePlus has made the 10T specifically for gamers. Therefore, this phone has slightly different features than the 10 Pro again. For gaming, it is of course important that the phone is extremely fast. The manufacturer has therefore also chosen to put the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor under the hood. This is the fastest chip currently available for Android phones. Moreover, the entry-level model has 8GB of working memory and you can even choose to buy a version that has 16GB.

#2 Cooling

Something you probably recognize is that your phone can get very hot when used intensively. Something you definitely do not want when you are gaming. In the OnePlus 10T there is a special cooling system and the brand uses a special foil and channels to effectively dissipate the heat. So you won’t burn your fingers at all, unless you’re throwing a slightly too hot bami disk in your mug in addition to gaming.

no flat remark. (Image: OnePlus)

#3 Charging like a jet fighter

At WANT we love speed and so we can immediately highlight another feature. Charging of course. The phone comes with a 150W charger. This makes it possible to charge your phone from 0 to 100 within 20 minutes. Even after 5 minutes of charging, the battery is already 40 percent full. So you are never without charge. In fact, this is perhaps the phone that currently charges the fastest of all available devices. Due to adjustments to make fast charging possible, the famous slider has disappeared. Something real OnePlus fans will be less happy about.

In addition, the phone also looks at your charging behavior. For example, if you charge while sleeping, the phone will adjust the charging speed as it is better for the battery. Do keep in mind that the OnePlus 10T is not wireless charging.

A rookie. (Image: OnePlus)

#4 Screen

As mentioned, the OnePlus 10T is mainly there for gamers. Of course, if you want to play big games you need a good screen refresh rate. That’s totally fine with this device. With 120 Hz, you don’t have to worry about games like Call of Duty, Genshin Impact or Fortnite looking crappy. Colors also seem to come across well, and with a 2412×1080 resolution, you can also just enjoy Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s a bit less than the 10 Pro.

#5 Price of the OnePlus 10T

The price of the OnePlus 10T is interesting to note. The 10T is available from 799 euros, while the Pro is almost 200 euros more expensive and comes in at 989 euros. Of course, the Pro is just a bit better. It has a better quality camera (Hasselblad) and a higher screen resolution and better pixel density. Don’t set too much store by snapshots? Then it is crazy to spend 200 euros more on that device.

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