‘Samsung to come out with mysterious rollable phone this year’

Foldable is the new wonder term in the tech world. Everything has to be able to be bent. Samsung is now betting on rollable with project Diamond.

By now we all know the foldable phone and work is being done on foldable laptops, tablets and televisions. We have already seen several examples pass by during the CES. However, the focus now seems to be mainly on phones. With the Galaxy Fold and Flip, the Korean company Samsung naturally has two foldable smartphones on the market. The company now seems to want to go a step further with a device that should come to market this year.

Samsung is working on the Diamond

Samsung is reportedly working on a new foldable phone codenamed Diamond, reports the usually reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe. It will be released in the second half of the 2022, according to the leaker.

A foldable phone is not very special these days. Many brands have or are working on their own variant. Samsung’s Diamond, however, is going to be different. According to Ice Universe, this smartphone will have a rollable screen. We have seen something like this in televisions before, but not yet in a phone. With the Tweet, Ice Universe also shows a picture of Samsung executives. One of them is said to be holding the gadget in his hand. The phone looks a little different, but there is not really much to be gleaned from the snapshot.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

It has a high probability of being a scroll screen phone pic.twitter.com/X0yI1b2Vdi

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) March 24, 2022

Not quite new

There have been rumors for some time that Samsung is working on a smartphone with a retractable screen. It showed a concept of this in 2021 during Display week, but we haven’t heard of it since. So now the subject seems to be back on the table. Previously, a retractable concept also came from Samsung, although we never saw a real prototype.

Still, a rollable device is not entirely new. The Chinese Oppo is also working on one. It previously showed its concept device Oppo X 2021. At the 2021 CES, TCL also already made an appearance.

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