Instagram responds to frequent criticism with two new modes

Instagram responds to frequent criticism with two new modes

Instagram is aware of the fact that users often complain about the way the popular application presents content. Therefore, the company is now coming up with two modes that users may be satisfied with. These include access to reverse chronological order.

The photo sharing service announces this on its own website. The two modes, which determine the order of the posts in your feed, are called Following and Favorites. The features are designed with the idea that users will then have complete control over how they see the content they want to see within the application.

Instagram responds to criticism

So that means that from now on you as a user will – probably – have to deal with much less posts that you have no interest in. Think post suggestions or posts that appear on screen due to an overzealous algorithm. Most people will prefer to tune into option one: the Following order.

New order on Instagram (Image: Instagram)

With Following, you actually make sure that the posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. In other words: you see the posts appear in the order in which they were posted. Moreover, it only concerns posts of people you follow – an option that benefits every social medium.

Favorites goes a step further

With Favorites you can give up to fifty profiles a star. The posts of those profiles then appear higher up in your personal overview. There is also a tab that allows you to see only the posts of your favorite users. That tab starts with the posts that were recently published by those users.

The changes come just in time. Because meanwhile, Instagram is also announcing that the main feed will have more content based on your interests in the future. Or in other words, content that you might be interested in, whether you ask for it or not. That’s exactly the reason to choose Following every time.

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