Fairphone comes with special subscription service for sustainable phone

Are you going green? Then you might want a phone that matches that. Fairphone now comes with a special subscription.

Nowadays you can lease or rent almost anything for a fixed amount per month. Think for example of a car, a central heating boiler and even a bicycle. Now it is also possible for a Fairphone. So you have a sustainable phone for a fixed amount per year.

The sustainable Fairphone

The Fairphone may not be the most powerful phone on the market. It is, however, one of the most sustainable models. The company pays attention to where the materials for the phone come from, and in addition, the devices are pretty easy to repair if something breaks. Now it comes with a special service to make it all even easier.

The Dutch manufacturer now comes with Fairphone Easy. With this subscription you get not only the Fairphone 4 (256GB/8GB RAM) but also a protective case and a screen protector on loan to protect the phone optimally. Is it still broken? Then you can send it to the manufacturer who will repair the smartphone for you. Within 48 hours it promises to send a replacement for the meantime.

Repair (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Different subscriptions

There are different subscriptions available. These run from 4 to 60 months. It goes without saying that the longer you sign a contract the less you have to pay. For example, 60 months costs 21 euros per month, while 3 months costs 34 euros per month. Have you kept the Fairphone 4 in one piece? Then you get a monthly discount.

By the way, you should note that you do not get a charging cable with it. So if you do not have a USB-C cable at home, you will have to buy it separately. You must also note that you have to arrange a subscription with a provider. The SIM card you put in the device yourself.

Is it something for you?

Of course, keep in mind that you are leasing the Fairphone 4. It means that you don’t own the device. Selling it on is out of the question. So you will have to ask yourself if you would rather not buy it. If you are always careful with your device it might be a better choice. The Fairphone 4 offered here costs 649 euros.

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