1716390127 WhatsApp is working on the feature we should have had

WhatsApp is working on the feature we should have had for years

One of the irritations on WhatsApp is being inundated with messages if you haven’t opened the app for a while. That seems to be changing.

WhatsApp is great for keeping in touch with your friends and family. But sometimes those acquaintances have way too much to say to you. Especially in group conversations, it is often raunchy.

Sometimes, after a few hours of not looking in the app, there are hundreds of messages waiting for you and the green balls just about explode. Fortunately, WhatsApp will probably put an end to this soon.

Hundreds of unread messages in WhatsApp

Sure, it’s handy to get a notification when you’ve missed a message, but sometimes there really are too many. The creators of the app seem to realize that now, too, because they are now working on a new feature to prevent that from happening.

In WhatsApp version for Android, there is a new way to manage unread messages. According to WABetaInfo, which has thoroughly reviewed the version, WhatsApp will automatically start deleting the number of unread messages when you open the app.

WhatsApp is working on the feature we should have had for yearsHere’s how to set it up. (Image: WABetaInfo)

And that especially gives your state of mind some peace of mind. It can be quite overwhelming when you see a huge number of messages that you haven’t read. It can even cause stress and you may want to click on all those messages to remove them from the list.

When is the feature coming to WhatsApp?

The new feature for WhatsApp in the aforementioned version can be found in the app at Settings > Notifications. Here you can check that you want to remove the notifications of unread messages, which means you will no longer see them when you open the app.

The feature is currently still in the beta version of WhatsApp and is being thoroughly tested. If there are no more bugs in it, there is a chance that it will come to the final version of the app. It was like that before with several other features, such as sending photos in better quality and customizing voice messages. Consequently, WhatsApp has not yet made any statements about when we can expect the feature.


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